What’s wrong with the world?

This is the 21st Century, the technological advances we have made are incredible, but what the hell is going wrong?
I don’t think anybody in the world will not be aware of what happened yesterday in Sydney.
Although it is widely publicised that the gunman involved was purporting to be a Muslim and indeed made hostages hold a religious banner up which is intended to demonstrate that there is only one God, etc etc.
Irrespective of anybody’s religious persuasion, there cannot possibly be any justification for walking into a cafe and holding innocent people hostage then murdering two of them in cold blood.
What does that achieve?
Does it portray his religion in anything near a positive light? Of course not. The reality is his actions will deepen any mistrust and misunderstanding of his religion which already exist.
Whilst trying to understand what possibly motivates someone to carry out such cruel and cowardly acts, the news today is that the Taliban sent 9 armed men in to a school in Pakistan and murdered over 120 innocent children.
What the hell is wrong with these people!
Whilst recognising that there are many differing views of religion, politics, culture, and so on, there simply cannot be any doubt that shooting, kidnapping, beheading or any other indiscriminate act of violence carried out on a human being simply because they hold different views to your own is inexcusable.
It surely is time for the world and particularly the religious leaders of all faiths to collectively bring pressure on these groups or individuals to concentrate on practising what their religion is based on, which isn’t (whatever the particular religion) to kill people who happen to hold differing views to their own.
I ask myself again, what is wrong with this world of ours?


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