Welcome to my blog….I hope you enjoy reading it, because I am definitely going to enjoy writing about anything that pops into my infamously over active imagination!

I don’t intend to write posts about a consistent, specific topic, but I will post the kind of scrambled, sometimes funny, often disjointed, thoughts that seem to prevail constantly inside my head.

Expect to see travel mentioned fairly frequently, as I love to visit different parts of this seemingly shrinking world of ours, and follow my journey to see if I actually can improve my golf, complete more dives to see more of the amazing underwater sights I have already witnessed, perhaps one day conquer a foreign language (I have dabbled with Spanish and German with different degrees of hopelessnes), see my family grow and follow their own life journeys, share my passion for photography and football, and maybe gain an understanding of why I am unable to keep still for long, except when I am reading, and finally, the holy grail, let’s see if I ever finish writing the books I have ‘started’ such a long time ago!

I don’t understand why some people seem to think I have an over-active mind….isn’t everybody’s head filled with this kind of  spaghetti like mix of ‘stuff’?



2 responses to “About

  1. Thank you!
    I will have a ‘proper’ read through your earlier posts too as I see plenty of interest!
    Thanks again for visiting


  2. onehundredtwentythreedays

    I have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award, If you would like to participate please see this post: http://onehundredtwentythreedays.com/2014/10/08/day-38-all-about-the-lovely/ Happy blogging!

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