It’s the little things….

..that annoy me.

With my job I travel a fair bit around the country, and in previous jobs I have lived and worked away in the Middle East and Europe.
One thing that I must get off my chest, which really annoys me, and is universally practiced in every country I have every visited, is the practice of hotel room maids deciding it is a good idea to fold the end of the toilet roll into a little triangle Why??

One of the first things I do now when checking into a hotel, is to see how clean the bathroom is. This has now become secondary to looking at the toilet roll and getting annoyed at the realisation that wherever I am in the world, the end of the roll is always folded into a ridiculous triangle.

I can only assume that many years ago some bright spark decided that hotel guests would actually think this made the bathroom more attractive? Well take it from me, it doesn’t!
I cringe at the thought of somebody fiddling with the loo roll, and it is somehow worse if the roll is not a new one.
The first thing I do is tear a few pieces of paper off, including the offending triangle of course, and flush it away.
Then it at least feels like I have an un-tampered toilet roll for later use!
Perhaps I could make this a regular blog post, as there are dozens of things like this that irritate the life out of me, but because I have spent an increased amount of time lately in hotels, I had to get this one out and post a picture of the annoying little triangle that winds me up so much! Aaarrgghh!!!



One response to “It’s the little things….

  1. Ha ha ha i laughed because you bring up a good point … Why the hell is there a triangle at the beginning of every toilet roll? Kind of strange to think some hands were touching it just after they scrubbed the shower or sink.

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