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Bobby and Billy

So who is Bobby, and who is Billy?

They are my two dogs. Actually, Billy is a dog and Bobby is a pyscho puppy!

My oldest dog, Billy is a ten year old Border Terrier and full of character.  

  He was, until Bobby arrived, top dog in my house. We had a black Labrador called Sam who died in January this year aged 14. 

Because Sam was an old man, Billy was the ‘main man’ and strutted about knowing there was no threat to his top dog status. 

…..and then Sam sadly died, and a few months later we bought a new puppy. A black Labrador puppy called Bobby, and so, in an instant, Billy’s numero uno status was no more!

Bobby is, to put it mildly, not a shrinking violet. He thinks everyone operates at his level, which is border line bull in a china shop meets sniff it, bite it, eat it, and worry about the consequences later. 

If Billy moves then Bobby has to see where he’s going.  

 Of course, being a puppy means that Bobby thinks everyone is his friend and anything in front of him is there to put in his mouth. 

  If I’m not supposed to eat it why is it within my reach??!!
So Bobby is now 8 months old and has completely taken over the house. 

He has perfected the total innocent look, despite it being obvious He has been up to no good. He knows exactly how far to push a terrier before he has to run out of the way and keep himself from being bitten. 

I could ramble on for hours about what Bobby gets up to, but maybe that’s for another day!