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Is there any animal in the sea more cool than an Octopus?

An interesting question, and in my view it’s a no brainer, the answer is an emphatic no! Continue reading



Do you know anybody whoe doesn’t love dolphins?  I don’t either! Continue reading

Photo challenge of the week: Endurance

motivationWhat better way to encapsulate ‘endurance’ than the painful memory of a 10K run I did back in March this year!

I actually entered another 10K run last week, and completed it in 1 hr 2 minutes!  so, 6 months after the run in the above photo, i ran it in 6 minutes less time!

Now if that’s not endurance, I don’t know what is ha ha!


A quick photo from my recent dive in Malta

Me and a gun on the P29 wreck

Diving in Malta

As soon as I had my week’s holiday to Malta booked, I checked out the local dive centres to book a couple of days diving.

Tugboat Rozi


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The ‘Azure Window’, a natural rock formation on Malta’s beautiful neighbouring island of Gozo

First time in Malta

Well this isn’t exactly true…I have been here before… Continue reading

The Swiss Alps

Flying to Malta for a week’s holiday.
Hopefully plenty of sun and a bit of diving.
Took this pic on the flight of the beautiful Swiss Alps.


Why I ‘likestowrite’

This is assignment #2 for Blogging 101
(Sorry if it is a little late, I’m on holiday!)

So, the assignment said to edit and/or change my name and tag line.
I thought long and hard about this, and decided I would prefer not to. Why?
Because I have only just started my blog, and chose my name the instant I decided to commit to blogging.
The name, as they say, says it all.
I Iike to write!
Like many people, I have an ambition to write a book. I have actually started my first one (I say the ‘first one’ because I have ideas in my head for at lest another two, unrelated books), and by deciding to blog I am confident that the regularity of regular writing will make for an interesting blog, but also motivate me to spend more time on my book.
You see? It’s a ‘win win’ and a no brainer!!
So there, in as short a blog post as I’m ever likely to write, is why ‘ilikestowrite’ was created, and I hope, will prove to be of interest to as many people around the world who choose to read my posts as possible.

Twenty Minutes to Write Something

I signed up for help with my writing with ‘writing 101’, and they suggested as a beginning to take ‘just 20 minutes’ (their words!) to write about anything.

The idea was to write whatever you felt, and try not to edit it too much, just twenty minutes of, I guess, what you might call ‘pure’ writing.

As I had just been for an interview an hour or so before reading their post, and whiling away some time before I had another interview to go to, I thought I would write about something which puzzles me..namely..’Interviews – why do some people make such a big deal about them?’ Continue reading