Why is golf so hard……?!!

There will be lots of people I’m sure who will laugh at that very introduction, the kind of people who naturally find golf an easy game to play.
But I’m not one of those people……to me, it is a game where constant work is needed to make very small improvements.
But, I’ve never shied away from hard work and I’m on a self declared mission now to improve my game to at the very least, a respectable level.

What’s wrong with the world?

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It’s the little things….

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Cologne on a rainy evening


Road Trip!!

Today is my last day in Hamburg.
I have worked here for almost two years, and yesterday was my last day in my old job.

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(Anti) Social Networking

The explosion in so called social networking sites and platforms has been so big and so fast that I think it has caught a lot of people by surprise, particularly when used for not particularly social behaviour. Continue reading

The leaving of Hamburg

I have been working in Hamburg, Germany for almost two years now, and in a little under two weeks time, I will be leaving for a new job back home in the UK.

Rathaus at night


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The evolution of words (ask Mr. G)

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Is there any animal in the sea more cool than an Octopus?

An interesting question, and in my view it’s a no brainer, the answer is an emphatic no! Continue reading


Do you know anybody whoe doesn’t love dolphins?¬† I don’t either! Continue reading