Who thinks this stuff up?

So, I can only imagine the scene inside an advertising agency’s snazzy full of mod cons office. All the latest gadgets for the resident geniuses to prevent them becoming bored

Maybe iPads everywhere and the latest gaming consoles with every conceivable refreshment to hand and modern chrome finished furniture everywhere you look.

In between ‘assignments’ or commissions or whatever they’re called, the intelligencia of the powerful advertising worldwide themselves thinking of their next tag line, winnable slogan or logo which will etch itself in the public’s mind eye for ever and eternity.

I don’t know if this really how it works, but I’m guessing I’m not a million miles away from the truth here.

By definition advertising people must think they’re uniquely clever, right?

Even though I cringe when I watch some TV adverts, or wince when I look at a shockingly embarrassing poster which is clearly intended to shock, or at best distract people from their daily grudge, I imagine the individuals behind these images and words were sat in a presentation meeting patting each other on the back, high fiving each other, and generally basking in their unshakable view that we, the general public, will be humbled by their creative genius when we we the fruits of their labour.

Mid this sounds a tad cynical to you, then I ask you this..how much money was spent, how many hours were used up, and how many prototypes were tested before the following product was unleashed on the world at large?

I leave it to you to ponder.

The following example of marketing marvel was spotted in a urinal at London’s Euston station.



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