The evolution of words (ask Mr. G)

Wow, what a fancy title for this post!
I don’t even know where that title came from, it just popped into my head as I decided to ‘download’ some gibberish from my head to my blog.

I am a very new blogger, and already I have noticed a certain scepticism from non bloggers when the subject of blogging crops up in conversation.

Often I am asked ‘what’s your blog about?’ or ‘why do you want to write a blog?’

My response to these deep and meaningful (!!) questions is always the same…”it’s not ‘about’ anything really” and “I just have so much stuff in my head that I need to empty some of it out to make room for some more”.

These are true responses but the reaction of the person who asked me those questions is always the same; they look at me quizzically then invariably change the subject, walk away, or both!

It seems that the writing of words (which is what I do when I blog) appears somewhat odd to some people.

Call me weird, but words just fascinate me!

I think sometimes (hard to imagine maybe, but humour me ok?) just how words came to be. Being a frustrated wordsmith isn’t easy, and whoever ‘invented’ words should, in my opinion, have given a great deal more thought to the result of his or her moment of genius.

I have tried, with not much success, to learn both Spanish and German over the years, and in doing so I am often puzzled at the whole concept of words in general.

Two days ago it was my 55th birthday, and a German colleague of mine told me that this birthday had a name in German, called a ‘schnapps zahl’.

Now I think this is pretty cool as it loosely translates to ‘schnapps number’ (from the verb ‘zahlen’-to count!) and is used for birthdays such as 22, 33, 44, 55 and so on.

It actually works too, because when a group of us went out to celebrate my birthday, I looked at a tray of 10 j√§germeisters and a sambucca (yes, I know that technically this isn’t schnapps) and thought ‘I like this schnapps zahl idea!

Anyway, I digress….from the sheer amazement at the way words came, presumably, out of nowhere to the current state of being, to the introduction today of new words all the time, I am sometimes lost for words at the evolution of words.
Not literally lost for words of course, as I am conscious that this post, about words, is already very wordy! (Sigh)

How often do you hear somebody say these days ‘google it’, or ‘well that’s what it said in Wikipedia’.
A friend of mine and I have even taken it a step further, and if we have a conversation when one of us is unsure of something (which is actually pretty much every conversation we have) one of us will invariably say ‘ask Mr. G’ which prompts the other to reach for the computer and start a google search.

It seems that only a few years ago we never used the word ‘app’ at all, yet now it pops up all the time.

So there you have it, the evolution of words. And I haven’t even mentioned ‘spell checks’ ‘axis of evil’ ‘selfie’ or the hundreds of other ‘new’ words or phrases which invade our every day conversations with increasing regularity it seems.

Having said that, I’m off to google ‘evolution’ as I suspect I’m out of context!


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