Monthly Archives: September 2014

A new experience…who I am and why I’m here.

I signed up for a course to help me write better blogs… goes! Continue reading


Monty Python – in German

SpamalotLike many people, I grew up watching the silly antics of Monty Python on TV, and as you grow older it seems that the silliness becomes funnier.

I only have to look at John Cleese to start smiling, much the same as when I look at Tommy Cooper. There’s something about that type of comic that is ageless.

And so, when I was asked by my German colleagues if I wanted to go to the theatre and watch Monty Python’s musical ‘Spamalot’, it seemed rude not to accept. Continue reading

I love Cephalopods




Cephalopods…don’t you just love them?

Wait, I hear you say, what is a Cephalopod? Continue reading

The ‘my way or no way’ syndrome.

I’m writing this after another weekend spent reading horrific news stories on the events in Syria and Iraq… Continue reading