Is there any animal in the sea more cool than an Octopus?

An interesting question, and in my view it’s a no brainer, the answer is an emphatic no!

I have posted about Cephalopods and why I find them so interesting previously,  but at the time I could not upload a short video of me holding an octopus on a dive in Spain.

I’m now able to do this, and I think this footage is remarkable.

If you look at the octopus in my hands, you can see that it is calm, and actually seemed quite happy as I gently stroked him.

After a short period of time I let him go, and as you will see from this video

he stayed in my hands for a second or two, then swam off to a nearby reef.

I think the absence of any ink being squirted as he swam away shows that he was quite relaxed and did not feel threatened or in any danger, but the most remarkable sight was still to come.

Watch closely as the octopus settles on a rock, and look at how quick he changes his shape, his texture, and his size in an instant.

So complete is the camouflage that if you were to swim past the rock where the octopus is resting and you had not seen him swim there, I’m certain you would not even notice him.

That’s pretty cool in my view!!



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