Do you know anybody whoe doesn’t love dolphins?  I don’t either!

I have been lucky enough to see dolphins in the wild several times, and not just see them..I’ve dived with them too!

Before I talk about the time I dived with dolphins, I wanted to mention that this week I saw a video clip of a dolphin which apparently ‘asked’ a diver to help it as it had a fishing hook and line caught around one of it’s pectoral fins, and was having difficulty swimming.

Here’s a link to the Youtube clip so you can see for yourself.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well I have seen dolphins from boats several times, and as I have done a fair bit of diving it is not uncommon to see them around or alongside dive boats. In fact, the very first time I tried diving was on a holiday in the Caribbean, and whilst we were being briefed on what to do, the instructor stopped us and pointed out of the window where a small pod of three or four dolphins was casually swimming past the dive shop.

A great start to the experience.  since then, I have seen dolphins on numerous occasions, and a couple of years ago, we were on holiday in The Maldives, and as we were in th espeedboat which took us from the airport in Male to our resort, which was around 30 minutes away, we came across a group of about 6 dolphins playing in the sea.

The captain of our small boat stopped for a short while as we watched them swim off, and it was a magical start to a great holiday.

During this holiday, I went diving with the island’s resident dive company, and it was on my very first dive in The Maldives that I had an unforgettable experience.

There were only four of us on the trip. myself and a young French guide, and an American diver with another guide.

We were ‘buddied up’ into pairs, so the French guy and I were slightly behind the other pair as we dived into the deep and very blue sea.

After ten minutes or so of looking at the remarkable colourful fish, and generally having the time of my life, my guide indicated that he could hear something, and pointed out into the blue. Of course I could not see anything, but as we swam away from the others, who had not watched his sign, I saw an amazing and breathtaking sight.

There, only about 5 metres or so from us, was a group of what must have been 80-100 dolphins!  They were everywhere!!

I looked up, and saw a group of 20 dolphins above me. I looked to my left and there around 15 more swimming alongside. I turned to my right, and about another 20 were there, and even below us, looking through my fins, I could see yet another large group.

I was mesmerised, and I didn’t know whether to watch them, photograph them, or video them.

Thankfully, after I realised that if I didn’t do SOMETHING I would never be able to describe what I was witnessing, I started my camera and began videoing the dolphins.

The links here show some of what I saw, and in the first one, you need to wait around 20 seconds or so before the first dolphins appear.

Try to imagine if you will, an extremely excited diver trying to focus on this beautiful sight, remain in reasonably close contact with the dolphins, and keep the camera steady all at the same time. The somewhat shaky video will explain this better than my words!





Please be patient, as the sight of the lovely dolphins will hopefully compensate for my very dodgy camerawork! (I told you I was excited!!)



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  1. Looool I think they are cute though! 😅

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