First time in Malta

Well this isn’t exactly true…I have been here before…

This is challenge #4 for Blogging 101
If you have never visited Malta, this is my initial impression of a historical island.
I am writing this to YOU, the one who might be considering coming here for a holiday.
Let me explain, I have been here before but for a very short visit on two occasions, each one an overnight stop.

Back in 1991 I had a job that took me to Libya for a short time to work.
I was there for two spells of 6 weeks each, and a three week break at home in between.
Now at that time, the UK had no diplomatic relations with Libya, as a result of the killing of a policewoman who was shot and killed in London. The policewoman was on duty outside the Libyan embassy, and the shot was fired from inside the embassy.
To reach Libya I had to fly from Manchester to Heathrow, Heathrow to Malta, then Malta to Benghazi.
The return trip, because of connection times, had to include an overnight stop at a small hotel in Malta, before catching an early morning flight the following day to Heathrow-hence my previous trips to Malta.
Because of the arrival and departure times, I only really had a very small glimpse of the island of Malta, so now that I am here on holiday for a week, this to be is my ‘first time’ here really.
Malta is a very historic country, and from the brochures I have read I can see that there are lots of interesting historic buildings to visit.
There are are also some beautiful ancient churches, including apparently, the third largest in Europe.
The immediate impression I had when arriving two days ago, was the colour of the buildings. They all look the same, and are built out of what I presume to be the natural stone found on the island. In fact, I guess that is the stone which Malta is made up of.
I would describe it as a dirty yellow colour, or yellowy brown.
I sat in a town square yesterday looking at some of the buildings, and noticed how the palm trees seemed to brighten up what I thought was the drab colour of these buildings.
Here is one of the trees
Today I will tour the island to see some of the historical buildings, and I will visit the neighbouring islands of Comino and Gozo later this week.
I also have 4 dives booked whilst I am here, so I will see some of the many wrecks that surround these islands, which were heavily affected by WW2.
So, I hope that this short introduction to the island of Malta may interest you enough to want to visit yourself one day.
(This ‘challenge’ from blogging 101 is intended to be written with a specific reader in mind, rather than to the world in general. My entry is written for any person who has never visited Malta, but might be thinking of doing so)


One response to “First time in Malta

  1. Tomorrow I am going to visit Gozo, a neighbouring island. I’ll post more when I get better wifi. Your comment was deleted by mistake, sorry!

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