Why I ‘likestowrite’

This is assignment #2 for Blogging 101
(Sorry if it is a little late, I’m on holiday!)

So, the assignment said to edit and/or change my name and tag line.
I thought long and hard about this, and decided I would prefer not to. Why?
Because I have only just started my blog, and chose my name the instant I decided to commit to blogging.
The name, as they say, says it all.
I Iike to write!
Like many people, I have an ambition to write a book. I have actually started my first one (I say the ‘first one’ because I have ideas in my head for at lest another two, unrelated books), and by deciding to blog I am confident that the regularity of regular writing will make for an interesting blog, but also motivate me to spend more time on my book.
You see? It’s a ‘win win’ and a no brainer!!
So there, in as short a blog post as I’m ever likely to write, is why ‘ilikestowrite’ was created, and I hope, will prove to be of interest to as many people around the world who choose to read my posts as possible.


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