Twenty Minutes to Write Something

I signed up for help with my writing with ‘writing 101’, and they suggested as a beginning to take ‘just 20 minutes’ (their words!) to write about anything.

The idea was to write whatever you felt, and try not to edit it too much, just twenty minutes of, I guess, what you might call ‘pure’ writing.

As I had just been for an interview an hour or so before reading their post, and whiling away some time before I had another interview to go to, I thought I would write about something which puzzles me..namely..’Interviews – why do some people make such a big deal about them?’

I started looking for a new job around 6 weeks ago, because after working abroad for almost seven years, my wife and I decided it was time to get a job nearer home, and live a more ‘normal’ life.

I sent my CV out to a number of recruitment consultants, and before long I was being sent details of several jobs.

Now the thing is, I have to admit that I don’t particularly like recruitment agencies and I find them to be a necessary evil.

If they have a position to fill, and they think your experience and profile ‘fit’ they will contact you, and, more significantly they will hound you with telephone calls and e-mails until they have your full attention.

If, on the other hand, you want to contact them, they tend to be conspicuous by their absence, and you have to play a cat and mouse game until you finally track them down.

If you express interest in a job which, after all, they have contacted you about, I find you have to invariably chase and chase them, to possibly be told that the position has been filled, or the key decision maker is away on holiday. Aaarrgghhh!!

I have been for an interview recently where the guy who interviewed me told me that he would conclude the ‘first interviews’ in the following two or three days, and then call one or two candidates back for a second and final interview very soon after that.

When two weeks had passed and I had not heard anything, I contacted the recruitment consultant, only to receive an automated ‘out of office’ reply.

As I had his mobile number, I sent him a SMS to ask if he had received any feedback.

He replied quite quickly, saying that both he and the guy who had interviewed me were on holiday!

When I again chased him up a couple of weeks later, because again I had no contact from the agent, he advised me that he would contact the Client and let me know.

This is what I mean when I say I don’t like recruitment consultants; they are very ‘reactive’ in the main, and I believe the role they carry out should be quite the opposite, a very pro-active one.

Eventually, the agent told me that the guy who interviewed me was still carrying out first interviews.

At this point, when almost a month had passed since my interview, I told them that if they were still conducting first interviews a month later than they had told me they expected to conclude this stage of their recruitment, then it seems to me that they are not entirely sure what they are looking for.

I said that if that is the kind of decisiveness I could expect if I were to work there, then I didn’t think that was the type of company I saw myself working for, so please withdraw my application.

I believe, and this is based on my own experiences of interviewing people myself, that you have a good idea of if the person you are interviewing would be suited to the role in question at an early stage of the interview, and it does not take a month or more to decide even if you want to call anybody back for a second interview.

In my view, this tells you more about the interviewer than the person being interviewed. Perhaps that person (the interviewer) is not the ideal person to be conducting interviews.


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