Blogger – or – Blagger?

The use of the word ‘blog’ and the natural result of having a blog makes someone a ‘blogger’, made me think about the difference between being a blogger and being a blagger..

As I allowed my mind to wander as I often do, I turned to the font of all knowledge, Google, to see how the two words are actually described.

The word ‘blogger’ is a noun apparently, and is used to described someone who ‘maintains or adds new entries to a blog’. Nothing too surprising there, and then a ‘blog’ is a website containing a writer’s or group of writer’s own experiences, opinions, observations, etc.

That’s clear then. As I write these words, an entry on my blog, I am of course blogging, and am most definitely a blogger.

But, what about the similar sounding word ‘blagger’?

Well to me, a blagger has always been the kind of individual who will talk his (or her) way into or out of situations by ‘charming’ somebody. Of course there may also be times when a blagger uses his smooth talking ability for less honourable activities, such as conning people or institutions for his own benefit.

When I googled the term ‘blagger’ it threw up ‘smooth talker’ and ‘thief or robber’, which underline my view as just mentioned.

In addition I found a reference to ‘blag’ meaning to chat, or to joke or tell a story.

So for me, the lines between the two can become a little blurred, and in the nicest sense of the word blagger, we may often be ‘guilty’ of this when we actually blog!

Part of me wanting to share these thoughts is because I know that the power of language, and words themselves is immense, and the little bit of juggling that went on in my tiny mind when considering the nuances of these two words illustrates this ideally I think.

All in all, I’m happy to be a blogger of course, and as long as my intentions are honourable, I’m also happy being a blagger!

Be interested to see what others make of this.




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