Life goes on…a new tattoo

There are times in your life (well there are in mine, at least!) when you become quite reflective.

I think a lot.. Not necessarily about structured, organised topics, or even things which should be relevant to any particular circumstance or event, but just ‘stuff’.

I spent a lot of time recently thinking about getting a new tattoo, and what it should be. As I was in a ‘reflective’ mood, and thinking about my family and the way things happen and when, a recurring theme kept popping into my head…”life goes on”.  Well it does, doesn’t it?

No matter what happens, or where events take you or those around you, what illnesses or setbacks we goes on!

I found a tattoo shop in Hamburg (‘Endless Pain’ in St. Pauli) where I am presently working, and over a couple of weeks, and two visits, agreed on a font and design with the tattoo artist Nikkels.

The tattoo itself only took about 25 minutes to complete, as it isn’t a complex design, and I love it!

Each time I look at it I think of the journey my family and I are on, wherever we may be, and I will enjoy this feeling for as long as I live now.


Life goes on....

Life goes on….


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